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Above and BelowAbove and Below :– Watch Above and Below full movie on GoMoviesTube,“Some of us fall by the wayside, and some of us soar to the stars.” So goes the circle-of-life wisdom from a certain pop Disney hit, but it could just as well be the mantra of Swiss helmer Nicolas Steiner’s poignantly down-to-earth graduation film, “Above and Beyond” — a mesmerizing plunge into the damaged psyches of five characters floating by on the margins of American society, from a couple scraping by in a Las Vegas drainage tunnel to the young woman determined to be among the first crew to colonize Mars. A perfect companion piece to the wave of post-apocalyptic stories flooding television and megaplexes, Steiner’s docu concentrates on five individuals who simply don’t fit into the modern world as we know it — a festival treasure that treats its subjects with a dignity that transcends judgment and a poetic sensibility that ranks it among the year’s most remarkable cinematic discoveries.The latest — and best — in an unlikely subgenre of not-quite-documentaries to spring up around the desolate expanse beyond California’s Inland Empire, “Above and Below” delves into a patch of the American frontier that appears even less inhabitable now than it did in the time of Comanche-infested John Ford classics. Though too arid to sustain much life, these dried-up lakes and sun-scorched vistas offer fertile soil for the artistic-minded: a stomping ground where James Benning takes his Cal Arts classes to listen to the desert, or the backdrop for the likes of Alma Har’el (“Bombay Beach”) and Mike Ott (“Littlerock”) to blur the line between fact and fiction. It is here that the hippies in Antonioni’s “Zabriskie Point” fled to escape and obliterate American culture.So, while Steiner is hardly the first to plant his flag among these wind turbines and yucca palms, he brings a new perspective to a space that offers seemingly infinite opportunity for filmmakers to comment on the (d)evolution of the American Dream. Collaborating closely with d.p. Markus Nestroy on the film’s lyrical widescreen aesthetic, the director — a Fulbright Scholar who studied at the San Francisco Art Institute — brings an extraordinary visual regard to the various makeshift areas where his subjects (known only by their first names) have carved out unconventional living quarters.

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Documentary | Drama | Adventure
Release: 22 February 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Director: Nicolas Steiner
Writers: Nicolas Steiner
Stars : N/A