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Aliens The Big ThinkAliens: The Big Think :- Watch Aliens: The Big Think full movie on GoMoviesTube,The most unintentionally entertaining hour of the week was Caravanner of the Year. It featured a judge called Grenville, who looked every conceivable inch a Grenville. Grenville was chairman of the Caravan Club, could easily have been played by Arthur Lowe, and wielded much fierce Argyle-patterned Pringle-wear and something called “a magnetic torpedo level”, with which he was wont to check the perpendiculars of awnings.Mainly it also featured six couples vying, unaccountably, for the title. The 108-year-old Caravan Club, which started with just 11 members but now has (again unaccountably) more than a million, has just introduced this battle royal, and producers must have thought it a great wheeze to get in on the inaugural action. Tellingly, though, it hasn’t been festooned with the moniker “Great British…”, and is only scheduled to last another week, which is BBC2’s way of admitting they might have bought a pig in a poke.Because almost every one of the contestants was terminally awful at caravanning. At least with the cake thing contestants could bake, in many cases sublimely: here the teams took an average of 45 minutes just to get awnings up, with breaks only to scream with piercing laughter at use of the word “erection”. (There was much of this sort of thing, having to give one’s erection a bit of a tug and so on, along with, on show in the caravans, the result of an apparent ram-raid on the entire southern English stock of Keep Calm and Carry On posters and cushions.) They then had to reverse a caravan or, in a couple of easy cases, a campervan, through a laughably wide open gate: two couples took a full 15 minutes.

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Release: 21 April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.1/10
Director: Thomas Hewitson
Writers: Thomas Hewitson
Stars : Peter Capaldi, Martin Rees