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Bad Dad RehabBad Dad Rehab     :- Watch  Bad Dad Rehab full movie on GoMoviesTube,“I didn’t realize how therapeutic this film was until my friend called me crying about how much it affected her,” says popular heartthrob Actor, Robert Ri’chard (Chocolate City, One on One, Cousin Skeeter) as he excitedly tells me about his hit film, “Bad Dad Rehab.” which aired this past Sunday and was trending on facebook and twitter.”My friend said it reminded her so much of her relationship with her father,” Ri’chard shared.I must admit when I first read about “Bad Dad Rehab” I was a little afraid of the title. With a primary African-American cast, I thought why would any studio put out a film that could reinforce the stereotypes Trump supporters hold dear to their heart. I automatically assumed “Bad Dad Rehab” was another spin on Hollywood portraying African-American men as deadbeat dads— a stereotype that absolutely makes me cringe considering I had a strict but excellent father who had a doctorate degree but despite his work, valued having family time and fun. I’m not ignorant to the fact that this kind of balance isn’t everyone’s story. I have friends who’ve shared their stories of how their relationships with their fathers or lack thereof has impacted them. So I was open to listening to Ri’chard and his amazing co-star, the very talented Wesley Johnson (Soul Man, Crossover, City Guys) as they spoke about the importance of “Bad Dad Rehab” which received an emotionally charged standing ovation at ABFF.

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Release: 3 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Carl Seaton
writers: Carl Seaton
Stars : Rick Gonzalez, Wesley Jonathan, Robert Ri’chard