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Can We Take a Joke?Can We Take a Joke      :- Watch  Can We Take a Joke  full movie on GoMoviesTube,”It doesn’t take much to rile up the outrage police these days,” says the opening line of narration in “Can We Take a Joke?”, Ted Balaker’s documentary about the plight of comedians in the age of social media shaming, campus speech codes and mandatory apologies. “If you’re a comedian, there might be calls for your show to be cancelled if someone takes offense at your joke … but some people are brave enough or stupid enough to fight back.”Right away you know what this movie is: a brief for the defense. And it remains so throughout the movie’s brisk 74-minute running time, as the filmmaker interviews several veteran stand-up comics, including Gilbert Gottfried, Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Norton, Heather MacDonald, Karith Foster and Adam Carolla, about how the 21st century has affected an art form that Lenny Bruce dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th.The film will play well among standup comics who feel they’ve been muzzled by humorless slogan-spouting liberals, bluenoses and the generally squeamish, as well as by viewers who’ve bought into the idea that American college campuses have becoming havens for baby Stalinists who either won’t permit contrarian thoughts to be expressed or shout them down through heckling, protests, and petitions. “You don’t walk through a museum with a towel and throw it over paintings that you don’t like,” Norton says in a standup clip about the issue.Unfortunately, the result too often plays as if you’ve been invited to read half of a courtroom transcript—the defense’s half—while skipping past redacted text that might have complicated or undermined the argument. What’s being advocated here is, “Shut up and like it,” which seems neither sporting nor especially revealing of the free speech values the movie says it’s so enamored with.There are many examples of audience members, including college students, heckling standup comics who have offended them—includin

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Release: 29 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.9/10
Director: Ted Balaker
writers: : Ted Balaker
Stars : Adam Carolla, Bob Corn-Revere, Noam Dworman