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Daylight's EndDaylight’s End :- Watch Daylight’s End full movie on GoMoviesTube,Daylight’s End is another collaboration between director William Kaufman (Sinners and Saints) and actor Johnny Strong. This time, events take place in a future world, where a devastating pandemic has turned the world into a haven for murderous cannibals. The film blends a number of genres, with action elements forefront. Meanwhile, Strong’s score helps amplify the violent events onscreen. However, the film, admittedly, borrows from several films in the genre. Daylight’s End is an exciting feature, in which the focus is on action and less on dramatic characterizations.
The story begins with the character Rourke (Strong). Three years after a virus has decimated the world, Rourke is searching for revenge. He seeks the Alpha, a vampiric strongman. His hunt leads him into one small western town and eventually into Dallas. Here, he temporarily teams up with a group of militarized survivors. Their plan is escape. But, hundreds of sun-phobic cannibals lay in waitActor Johnny Strong as protagonist Rourke.There are at least three genres in the film; though, the action genre is most prevalent. The popularity of zombie films and television series has influenced this production. Somewhat like Jim Mickle’s Stakeland (2010) and even like John Carpenter’s western influenced Vampires (1998), monsters dominate the land. The zombie sub-genre menaces the screen, also. Hundreds of villains run down city streets. As well, horror influences can be seen in the dark settings and jump scares. Much of the film takes place at NIGHT. And, around every corner, another creature is ready to grab one of the characters. Still, this is really an action film. Writer Chad Law’s background is heavily steeped in the action genre. Law knows how to create intense, bullet flying scenes. The quick action focused pacing keeps the film’s energy in an up tempo state. The blend of genres will draw a wide gamut of viewers to the film.This film fan was wowed by the original soundtrack, from the central actor – Strong. The musical selections are almost of a western as Rourke battles one demon, on his own. A shootout, in a remote town, also brings in more gunslinger chimes. As the film transitions into a second act, the soundtrack becomes more dramatic. The music takes a back seat as the characters develop an escape plan. In action sequences, the musical tracks amplify the battles as the tempo increases. Even the ending offers a surprise as vocals are introduced, possibly by the composer himself. The soundtrack consistently drives and amplifies the emotional content of the film.

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Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Release: 26 Aug 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.7/10
Director: William Kaufman
Writers: Chad Law
Stars : Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, Louis Mandylor