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Deon Cole: Cold Blooded SeminarDeon Cole: Cold Blooded Seminar   :– Watch Deon Cole: Cold Blooded Seminar    full movie on GoMoviesTube,Stand-up veteran Deon Cole dazzles the crowd with his sharp jokes and easDeon Cole’s a scene-stealer. Whether as Dre’s weirdo co-worker on Black-ish or a loose cannon cop on equal footing with his dog partner on Angie Tribeca, Cole’s got comic authority born of undeniable charisma. He’s loose but confrontational, defiantly silly but passionate. As a performer, Cole is effortlessly engaging—which only makes you wish the material in his first hour-long stand-up special were stronger. Honestly, if it were, Cole’s stage presence would make it truly memorable, instead of just, unquestionably, a lot of fun to watch.“Thank you for coming to my seminar this evening,” Cole begins, addressing his appreciative Washington, D.C. audience. Considering the special’s title, location, and opening line, that sounds like the start of a more focused set than Cole delivers. As a correspondent and writer on Conan, and on his short-lived series Deon Cole’s Black Box, Cole’s comically angry, wide-eyed, blustery incredulity has its own unique power to it. But, Cole Blooded Seminar isn’t so much a seminar as a showcase for Cole the charismatic performer.y charm in his first hour-long special.You’re not gonna laugh at everything I say tonight, and I’m okay with that,” Cole announces soon after. As it shakes out over the course of his loose 50-minute set, the comic’s not really talking about challenging his racially diverse audience’s sensibilities in any truly transgressive or provocative ways. When Cole orders, “Okay, white people, get your pens out” to introduce a bit, you’d imagine he were about to talk about weightier matters than the fact that black people hoard plastic grocery bags or that his black friends could never remember the names of the white actors on that night’s Conan. (“Bitch, he’s Batman,” he snaps at a friend who can’t remember Christian Bale’s name.) Instead, Cole’s referring more to his man-woman, sexual, or personal-appearance jokes, where his unblinking willingness to lock eyes with audience members is as funny as it is occasionally uncomfortable. When he starts out by comparing “thick women” to cold peanut butter, it’d be a lot more off-putting if not couched in Cole’s outsized, irresistibly likable stage persona. Indeed, even when doing jokes about fat people (“Stop eatin’ that shit. You know it tastes good. It’s delicious. And it’s gonna be delicious.”) and singling out an overweight person in the crowd, everyone (pardon) eats it up. There’s no meanness to Cole’s boisterous calls for sanity, just a performer’s glee in entertaining that sweeps the audience along with it.

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Release: 25 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.6/10
Director: Marcus Raboy
Writers: Marcus Raboy
Stars : : Deon Cole