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Early WinterEarly Winter   :– Watch Early Winter    full movie on GoMoviesTube,Each July, I release an early winter forecast that is based off of the research that I have done over the previous few months. When reading this forecast, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, it’s July, so things can and likely will change between now and this winter. Also keep in mind that you may not experience the same weather conditions for three months non-stop. It’s not uncommon to experience a month of warmer conditions but the overall winter be cold or vice versa. This previous winter is a great example of that. The weather is constantly changing, and my goal in this early forecast is to give you a look at the big, overall picture. I’ll be getting into the specifics of each individual month in my final winter forecast in November.I am changing things up a bit this year to accommodate to two groups, those who simply want to know WHAT is going to happen this winter and those who want to know the WHY behind the forecast. In this post, I simply want to provide you with a region-by-region breakdown of what I believe could occur this winter, and while I’ll be getting into some of the research behind the forecast, I’m going to save most of that for next Sunday, July 26th. I have expressed on social media and in my newsletter why this winter is going to be more difficult to nail down than the last two, and I will eventually be expounding upon that. By putting out the forecast in two parts, I will be making more of my research available to those who are interested in breaking it down furtherAlready unveiled as a work in progress in Melbourne, this Australian-Canuck co-production premieres internationally at Venice in September, marking a return to A-list fests for Rowe following the low profile of his 2013 soph feature, “The Well.” The presence of Xavier Dolan collaborator Clement in a leading role may draw a few more arthouse eyeballs to “Early Winter,” but it remains a tough sell: Having ventured beyond his adoptive Mexico, the setting of his first two features, to the crisp northerly climes of Quebec, Rowe has allowed his already austere formal style to harden up further, with nary a hint of the mordant humor that his debut brought to disquieting material. After considering his wife’s TV viewing preferences, weary family man David (Doucet) suggests she watch reruns of “Friends” because, he says, “at least it’s funny.” Like the marriage under scrutiny, the film knows the value of laughter but can’t summon it.

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Release: February 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.6/10
Director: Michael Rowe
Writers: Michael Rowe
Stars : Suzanne Clément, Max Laferriere, Paul Doucet