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Feast of the BodyFeast of the Body :- Watch Feast of the Body full movie on GoMoviesTube,We open on lush pastorals and forests which radiate a calming tranquility. The score is strained and tense as we gaze upon a pristine lake. As we flash around the various nature-scapes the foreboding score keeps undermining what would otherwise be a beautifully scenic area. Then we see a barren, withered tree that sticks out like a sore thumb among the foliage laden forest. One final scream of the score and the image becomes hued in a menacing red.In many ways this is a symbolic way of portraying the idea behind this movie; what appears perfect has something dark growing within. Our heroine, Elena, starts what seems like the perfect job for what appears to be a normal couple. Oh, sure, the couple has their quirks (not having any electricity in their isolated country house), but overall they genuinely seem to care for her well-being. When Elena agrees to help them have a child, in exchange for some financial help, she never imagines that something very dark might come out of the deal.When things start to go south, Elena starts having some very visually stunning nightmares. These scenes are few and far between, but remain a wonder to behold when they crop up as they are beautifully composed of gorgeous color schemes and spectacular cinematography. In fact, they prove to be so pretty that they verge on transcendin

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Drama | Thriller
Release: 25 Oct 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.6/10
Director: : Jeremy Walton
writers: : Jeremy Walton
Stars : Jeremy Walton, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Valerie Mya