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Fishtales (2016)Fishtales:– Watch Fishtales full movie on GoMoviesTube,Parents need to know that this father-daughter comedy would be quite inoffensive were it not for the fact that it’s mind-numbingly boring. It makes little sense, plot-wise, and though the heroine is a plucky 12-year-old who may appeal to tween viewers, it’s really jumbled. There’s some minor swearing, but not much.Tone-deaf from beginning to end — Is it a comedy? A romance? A coming-of-age tale? A mystery? — FISHTALES tries so hard one wants nothing more than to relieve itself of its exertions. The plot sounds promising enough, but the execution is marred by poor pacing and odd scenes that neither advance the story nor build on its arc, made worse by slapdash editing that inhibits a flow. (Why is the landlady whacking a chicken out of the blue? Why would father and daughter be invited to a local wedding where, it has to mentioned, rave music is playing? Why is the mermaid heavily accessorized with jewelry that looks like it came from a downscale mall?)The underwater scenes, while prettily filmed, reveal a set so hokey — intact Greek columns and submerged at snorkeling depths? — one wonders how they were conceived in the first place. Besides, the mermaid doesn’t look remotely real, though her swimming’s impressive, and how she drops into the plot is woefully random. The one bright spot: Some sweet chemistry between Savva and Zane as father and daughter.

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Release: 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.4/10
Director: Evan Tramel
Writers: Lisa Baget
Stars :