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From Vegas to Macau III From Vegas To Macau III :– Watch From Vegas To Macau III full movie on GoMoviesTube,Featuring a table-tennis game and a low-tech robot smash-up as its highlights, Wong Jing and Andrew Lau’s “From Vegas to Macau III” is a gambling caper with model “Chinese Socialist characteristics,” meaning there’s hardly any gambling or any other naughty fun at all. Single-handedly killing a once internationally beloved, one-of-a-kind Hong Kong genre that Wong himself invented, the filmmakers have so mangled their material to suit mainland criteria that they’re left with a string of moronic gags barely held together by cheapskate production values. That “III” snagged the biggest household names in Hong Kong cinema only testifies to the irresistible lure of Chinese coin. If the second film’s boffo B.O. was an indication that bad taste rules, this third movie’s guaranteed success will prove there’s no bottom in such a market.When the original “From Vegas to Macau” (2014) debuted with its burst of kickass chopsocky, stunts and snappy jokes, it looked as if Wong might recapture the appeal of his “God of Gambler” and “Conman” franchises, whose celebration of luck, risk-taking and honor among thieves made for hearty Lunar New Year escapism. Sadly, the 2015 sequel shifted its location and action to Thailand, devolving into a touristy wild-goose chase packed with senseless shoot-’em-ups. Like a snake biting its own tail, Wong plunders his own ideas in “From Vegas to Macau III,” even marching back stars from his older gambling capers to take on the same personas: Chow Yun-fat, who played the amnesiac hero Ko Chun in “God of Gamblers,” now suffers a hypnosis-induced childlike regression as series protagonist Ken Shek. When that’s not enough to pad out the proceedings, the film just throws in song-and-dance routines, full of irrelevant references to the actors’ past film and TV performances“From Vegas to Macau II” ended with cardsharp Ken’s lifelong lover-nemesis, Molly (Carina Lau), skydiving sans parachute from her private jet. She now appears to be trapped inside some sort of laser bubble — unconscious, naked and horribly airbrushed — while her admirer, mad scientist JC (Jacky Cheung) fumes about making Ken pay. Over in Macau, Ken is busy having a meltdown over the wedding of his daughter Rainbow (Kimmy Tong) to his godson Vincent (Shawn Yue). To help him snap out of it, his friend Mark (Nick Cheung) hypnotizes him into thinking Vincent is marrying his fat cousin. Things go very wrong when Michael (Andy Lau), the disciple of Ko Chun, turns up as an unexpected guest.

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Comedy | Drama
Release: 05 February 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 1.5/10
Director: Jing Wong
Writers: Jing Wong
Stars : Sally Victoria Benson, Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung