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The Furred ManThe Furred Man      :- Watch  The Furred Man  full movie on GoMoviesTube,Of all the classic movie monsters and sub-genres of horror film, the werewolf may be the one that has been most badly abused through the years. It’s not that there aren’t good werewolf films out there, because there certainly are. There are a lot more terrible werewolf films than good ones though, and having them getting caught up with sparkling vampires isn’t doing one of horrors great monsters any favors.Writer/director Paul Williams takes a comedic tone in THE FURRED MAN, following in the footsteps of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and succeeds in making a short that is funny, entertaining, and at the same time takes his story in an interesting direction.Max Naughton sits in an interrogation room, wearing a furry costume caked in blood, having obviously been beaten and bruised himself. THE FURRED MAN follows his explanation of how all of this came to be. Daniel Carter-Hope does a great job as the beleaguered Max, just trying to get his interrogators to believe his story. He plays the sincere, confused everyman perfectly and the short succeeds as much because of his ability to do so.For a short, THE FURRED MAN also succeeds in approaching the werewolf film from a perspective that’s new and interesting. One of the reasons so many different werewolf films fail is that they don’t tell the story or approach the mythology in a way that is at all new. Paul Williams isn’t reinventing anything here, but he does find a simple way to provide a way to make the monster interesting by changing the focus of the film to something is relatively mundane and anyone can relate to. It’s also a fittingly contemporary way to hook the audience in the short time it has. It’s genuinely clever without being cute or coy.Paul Williams and his cinematographer, Eugen Gritschneder, make some great decisions about how much to show and when. One of the other pitfalls werewolf depictions so often fall into is that they don’t find a good balance between how and when to show their monster, especially when working on a limited budget. It’s obvious they didn’t have an endless vault of wealth to draw from in making THE FURRED MAN, but that doesn’t become a hindrance to how well they convey their story or their werewolf. Much more well known and more highly praised directors and cinematographers have failed miserably where Williams and Gritschneder succeed by showing some discipline and an understanding of how to convey what they have to, when they have to.

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Short | Comedy | Horror
Release: 11 Dec 2013 (Poland)
IMDB Rating : 7.0/10
Director: Paul Williams
writers: : Paul Williams
Stars : Daniel Carter-Hope, Chris Courtenay, Martin Durrant