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Ghost TeamGhost Team      :- Watch  Ghost Team  full movie on GoMoviesTube,Ghost Team is a 2016 independent comedy-thriller directed by Oliver Irving from a screenplay by Peter Warren, based on a story by Irving and Warren. The feature film’s ensemble cast is led by Jon Heder and includes David Krumholtz, Melonie Diaz, Paul W. Downs with Justin Long and Amy Sedaris. Ghost Team examines the things some people believe in to escape the monotony of everyday life and get through the day.It was released in the UK by The Orchard for digital download, courtesy of Google Play, on August 10, 2016 for a limited time; and will open two days later, on August 12, 2016 in the United States, generally.Louis is a paranormal-obsessed copy shop owner looking to escape his monotonous life. When a customer having “No Trespassing” signs made mentions he owns a barn that might be haunted, Louis recruits a dysfunctional team – his depressed best friend Stan; misfit nephew Zak; a cable access “medium” calling herself Victoria; Ellie, a beautician who works in the same strip mall; and Ross, an overeager security guard – to investigate, partially as an application to join a TV show called Ghost Getters. With equipment acquired by Zak, the group drives out to the barn on a Saturday afternoon.In tribute to the “Ghost Getters”, Louis has made T-shirts for his group labelled “Ghost Team”, which Zak refuses to wear. The Team set up an observation post, hold a seance, then split up to look around. After recording some things, they check some of their audio, and discover what they think is EVP. At this point, the Team realizes Victoria is missing. While searching for her, Zak, Stan and Ross also disappear, and then Louis and Ellie find the reason: the barn is the home of a meth lab, being run by the sign customer, Mitch, whose employees have been capturing them as trespassers. They set the lab on fire and leave the Team to die.The Team escape the burning lab and get away from Mitch and his goons, except for Victoria. Mitch uses her as a hostage to force the Team to let him leave on his boat, and to not report anything they saw. He changes his mind and decides to kill them instead. Victoria convinces Mitch that she is channeling his father, giving Louis the chance to shoot him with Ross’ paintball gun, incapacitating him. The meth lab then explodes.The Team contact police, who take their statements and arrest Mitch.

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Release: 21 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.4/10
Director: Oliver Irving
writers: : Oliver Irving
Stars : Jon Heder, David Krumholtz, Justin Long