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Hidden TruthHidden Truth :– Watch Hidden Truth full movie on GoMoviesTube,Hidden Truth is an original new movie that will air on Lifetime Television this weekend, according to Lifetime’s website. Hidden Truth is directed by Steven R. Monroe and written by Richard O. Lowry. The movie thriller follows a teen girl who is murdered years after her own mother was found dead in a forest, leaving her biological father as the prime suspect. Now, her aunt must prove that her brother didn’t kill his wife and his daughter years apart. According to the Internet Movie Database, the Lifetime movie Hidden Truth stars Shawn Christian, Heidi Fielek, and Diana Hopper.Sixteen-year-old Zoe has had a hard time in life. Her mother was found dead in a forest when she was just a child. Her father was the prime suspect in his wife’s murder but was never convicted since the police didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. Years later, Zoe is all grown up and is ready to leave the dead-end small town. After all, she has money. She’s been making some cash on the side due to her relationship with Michael, a married older man who owns the Pines Motor Lodge in town. With the money she has earned, Zoe tells her friends that she isheaded to California to travel and to make her dreams come true.Zoe’s Aunt Jamie, her dead mother’s sister, is worried sick about her. She has raised Zoe all of her life, even when her biological father didn’t take an interest in her. Trying to convince Zoe not to leave town, Zoe is hellbent on starting a new life and making it on her own. However, when her affair with Michael turns deadly, and Zoe is killed just like her mother, her father once again becomes the focus of the investigation.Now, Aunt Jamie needs to find out what happened to Zoe and to prove her brother’s innocence. During her sleuthing, she finds out that the town has a hidden secret, one that connects the murder of the mother and daughter together.

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Release: 12 March 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Steven R. Monroe
Writers: Richard O. Lowry
Stars : : Shawn Christian, Heidi Fielek, Diana Hopper