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kill zone 2The Kill Zone 2 :– Watch The Kill Zone 2 on GoMoviesTube,This is a follow-up, but decidedly not a sequel, to Wilson Yip’s 2005 original, a modern action film classic that toplined Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung. Therefore, absolutely no familiarity with the original SPL or Kill Zone is required. Yen and Hung are absent this time around; the only elements this new iteration shares with the original are its title and returning players Simon Yam and Wu Jing, playing completely different roles in a completely different plot. And what a plot it is; it’s extremely convoluted – yet not hard to follow – and as full of as much tear-jerking melodrama and sentimentality as it is full of cracked heads, snapped necks, and slashed flesh. As audacious as the masterfully staged setpieces and hand-to-hand battles are – which I guarantee will at times leave your jaw hanging open – it’s equally audacious in wedding all this action to a plot that contains so much contrivance, coincidence, and convenient serendipity, TV soap opera writers would find it implausible.
But if that sounds like I’m knocking this film, I most assuredly am not; the absurdity of the coincidences and the outsized melodrama of the film are part and parcel of what makes Kill Zone 2 so fun and enjoyable to watch. These plot elements are as much an integral part of the film as the copious, and impressive, martial arts action on display; the fact that Cheang and his collaborators manage to make it all work so well makes this movie something of a minor miracle.

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Action | Crime | Thriller
Release: 18 June 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.8/10
Director: Pou-Soi Cheang
Writers: Lai-yin Leung
Stars : Tony Jaa, Jing Wu, Simon Yam,