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Lumber vs. JackLumber vs Jack      :- Watch  Lumber vs Jack  full movie on GoMoviesTube,I was interested in reviewing Lumber vs. Jack because its name is basically a pun and I’m easily amused. And that was a good enough reason as any to give this title a shot!Lumber vs. Jack is written and directed by Jason Liquori. Liquori also stars in this feature alongside Debbie Rochon (Tromeo & Juliet, Santa Claws), Christina Daoust (Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!), Michelle Prenez (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”), Brewier Welch, and Jennifer Wenger.My first set of comments has to do with the beginning of the movie, and I mean literally the very first shot. It looks like something that was shot on a VHS camcorder three decades ago. I’ve seen Lumber vs. Jack often described as a retro or old school film, and I get what they were trying to accomplish here. However, I felt the entire film should have been shot exactly like the first opening seconds. It was nostalgic and harkened back to the good old days when you could walk into a video store and find tons of weird, often unseen horror flicks. The fact that Lumber vs. Jack is a cheesy creature feature would have been the icing on the cake! So, kind of a hit and a miss in that respect.The rest of the film is…less than astonishing work. There’s a lot of below average acting to just average acting, and the same can be said for the special effects. There’s a lot to be desired from the aspects of performance and production, but that’s why filming Lumber vs. Jack as I mentioned above would have fit all together. You can kind of excuse some lazily spoken dialogue, odd cutting, slow effects, etc. when you had a film that looks like it was destined to take up space on the VHS horror section at the mom and pop video store down the street. Lumber vs. Jack, respectfully, falls into the “so bad it’s good” category and, again, in my opinion a different filming style would have made it a hit then and now.

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Horror | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Release: 1 Jan 2014 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.8/10
Director: Jason Liquori
writers: : Jason Liquori
Stars : Christina Daoust, Brad Dollins, Jason Liquori