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My Hindu FriendMy Hindu Friend :– Watch My Hindu Friend full movie on GoMoviesTube,Diego is a film director very close to death, surrounded by people who are having trouble dealing with his current tempestuous mood. Chances are he won’t survive, but if he does, that means he needs to relearn how to live. live.On 17 January, 2015, Arif Mohammad Khan wrote a letter to Siraj Quraishi, president of India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) raising serious objections against Zakir Naik being invited by the centre to deliver a lecture.Khan, who is a former Member of Parliament and Union minister, is also a distinguished Islamic scholar and has written a critically acclaimed book titled Text and Context: Quran and Contemporary Challenges.The letter was written more than a year ago, before two terror suspects — one in Bangladesh and the other in India — marked the Islamic preacher and televangelist Zakir Naik as a motivating force behind their radicalisation, propelling them to take up arms and join the Islamic State.In his letter Khan wrote, “I need not mention that this centre was conceived as the hub of cultural activities of Indian Muslims and undoubtedly the credit for building and running it smoothly goes to you personally and your team.”
However, expressing his displeasure on Naik being invited for the lecture he wrote, “In the present times, when the community is under siege on account of the misdeed of a handful of terror outfits and the whole religion is being projected as religion of terror, it is important to keep in mind the image and impact of persons who are invited by the centre to interact with its members.”

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Release: 03 March 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.0/10
Director: Hector Babenco
Writers: Hector Babenco
Stars : : Willem Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Reynaldo Gianecchini