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Ozark SharksOzark Sharks   :- Watch Ozark Sharks full movie on GoMoviesTube,Syfy is at it again. The network’s latest crazy monster flick is Ozark Shark, which will be baring its teeth in the summer. I think the poster below tells us all that we need to know…It’s sharks. And it’s Syfy. So we can rest assured that we’re in for some cheesy monster goodness with co-stars Laura Cayouette, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Michael Papajohn, Dave Davis, and Ashton Leigh.Director Misty Talley is no stranger to shark movies, as she previously brought us Zombie Shark, which Foy wasn’t too keen on in his review; but try, try again, eh?A vacation to the Ozarks turns upside-down when bull sharks somehow infiltrate Arkansas’ freshwater lakes and wreak havoc on a town’s big fireworks festival.Dam Sharks – promoted as Dam Sharks! – is a 2016 made-for-television American horror film written and directed by James Kondelik and Jon Kondelik (All Hallows’ Eve 2: segment “M Is for Masochist”; Behind the Walls). It was produced by Anthony Fankhauser (2 Lava 2 Lantula!; Cowboys vs Dinosaurs; Poseidon Rex)The film premiered on the Syfy Channel on July 25, 2016 as part of their Sharknado Week.Matt Mercer (Contracted: Phase II; Contracted; Diary of a Serial Killer), Paige Lauren Billiot (Isle of the Dead), Ashton Bingham, Jessica Blackmore (The Sacred), Kabby Borders (They Found Hell), Corey Craig (Godzilla; Harry and the Succubus: short), Robert Craighead (2 Lava 2 Lantula!; The Babysitter Murders: short; The Return of the Living Dead), Michelle DeMond, Andy Earle, Eric Paul Erickson, Francis Gonzalez, Saxon Jones, Will Leon, Nicole Reddinger, Neka Zang.

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Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Release: 30 July 2016 (Poland)
IMDB Rating : 4.7/10
Director: Misty Talley
Writers: Marcy Holland, Greg Mitchell
Stars : Becky Andrews, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Charles Barber