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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 3Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 3 : As Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Mona try to escape ‘A’s dollhouse; they are seen by an unknown girl in a yellow top. As punishment for trying to escape, they are locked outside of the dollhouse for two days without food and water. Once Charles lets them back in, the Liars are drugged and put in a makeshift morgue. Once they are sent back to their rooms, they are subjected to more torture for the next three weeks at which time, Alison delivers a statement at a press conference, which turns out to be part of a plan to lure ‘A’ to her. After weeks of ‘A’s’ torture, the Liars emerge from their rooms, traumatized at what they have endured and are instructed to prepare Ali’s room for her “arrival.” As they sort through the boxes, they discover that Charles is a DiLaurentis. ‘A’ leads Ali to Tyler State Park. Ezra and Caleb arrive shortly after and catch up to Ali. During the nightly power outage, the Liars sneak into Charles’ vault and set it on fire. Charles pulls the fire alarm to extinguish it. Ali and the boys hear the bells of the alarm and spot trails of smoke coming from underground. The Liars race through the corridor and find a completely unravelled Mona trapped in a hole and rescue her. Ali, Ezra, and Caleb find a locked door and open it, revealing Mona and the Liars. The police arrive as the loved ones reunite. One of the cops finds the other girl in the dollhouse who says her name is Sara Harvey. Toby tells Spencer that Andrew is their tormentor as Emily approaches Ali and asks her who Charles DiLaurentis is.After getting out of Charles’ dollhouse and after Andrew is arrested on the suspicion of kidnapping them, the girls still feel far from safe. Aria, unable to cope with the fact that Andrew may not be ‘A’ and whomever really kidnapped them is still out there, lies to the police by saying she saw Andrew’s face while she was in the dollhouse. The girls are prescribed with different medications to help them deal with the aftermath of being held hostage by ‘A’. Veronica convinces the hospital to not prescribe Spencer sleeping pills due to Spencer’s past pill addiction which Spencer is not happy about and she steals one of Aria’s pills from her room. Hanna decides to redecorate her bedroom to get rid of the bad memories from being held captive. Alison has to deal with her gaining notoriety around town, and meets Lorenzo, Toby’s new partner at the police force. Sara runs away from home and comes to Emily’s house, where Pam allows her to stay.

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Drama | Mystery | Romance
Release: 16 June 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 8.3/10
Director: Norman Buckley
Writers: I. Marlene King
Stars : Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn