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Spring BrokeSpring Broke :– Watch Spring Broke full movie on GoMoviesTube,The moment you hear the unmistakable boom of Robin Leach’s voice, you may get the impression that the new documentary Spring Broke is as much a celebration of the culture of consumption as was Leach’s syndicated show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But though Leach serves as this film’s narrator, his plummy British baritone, indelibly redolent of the excesses of turn-of-the-century celebutantes, actually runs counter to director Alison Ellwood’s succinct, engaging story of the two scrappy Florida towns that once duked it out to host thousands of drunk college students each March.In the first half of the 20th century, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach were quiet little burgs, meagerly populated by sunbird retirees and summer tourists. As one former mayor of Daytona put it, “After Labor Day you could shoot a cannon down U.S. 92”—an east-west intrastate that connected that city with St. Petersburg—“and not hit anybody.”That would soon change, first in Fort Lauderdale, which had a tonier reputation: During World War II, when fears of German U-boats kept Caribbean-bound college kids domestic, they headed to South Florida. Their numbers grew, year after year, bolstered by the promise of beer drinking, sunbathing, and sexual frolicking, a hedonistic culture that Glendon Swarthout memorialized in Where the Boys Are, his comic novel later adapted into a film.Ellwood uses archival TV interviews to give some context for why college kids were suddenly magnetically drawn to party on the beach. “Our generation realized it was the first in history that could blow the world apart with the atom bomb,” one dour interviewee explains. But whether it was existential despair or late-teenage hormones, the students were flocking to Fort Lauderdale in numbers that stretched the town at the seams. And as one newscaster charmingly reported, “They drank prodigious amounts of beer and danced the Twist day and night.”When the police began to crack down on the sudden influx of drunken, dancing teenagers, Daytona, 240 miles up the Eastern coast of Florida, saw an opportunity. Bud Asher, a local hotelier, inundated Fort Lauderdale’s beaches with ping-pong balls that read: “Get on the ball and to Daytona Beach.”

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Release: 25 March 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 8.7/10
Director: Alison Ellwood
Writers: Alison Ellwood
Stars : N/A