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Storage Locker 181Storage Locker 181      :- Watch  Storage Locker 181  full movie on GoMoviesTube,Following a robbery which went bad and ended up with a murder, Dayton (Casper Van Dien) finds himself pulled over and arrested for grand theft auto with the cops unaware of his part in the robbery and murder of a bride to be. After going down and doing 18 months Dayton is released and learns that two young girls, Annette (Cassi Thomson) and Molly (Samantha Cope), have bought his storage locker which not only contains evidence of all his crimes but also personal effects belonging to his late mother. Now Dayton will stop at nothing to get back his locker and eliminate anyone who gets in his way.
When I am not watching and reviewing movies I tend to have the TV on as background noise and on occasion have found myself watching “Storage Hunters” with Sean Kelly auctioning of unwanted storage lockers. Well I guess the writers of “Killer Collector”, which also goes by the name of “Storage Locker 181”, were fans as well with this thriller based around a couple of girl friends unwittingly buying the stolen goods of a thief turned killer in a storage locker auction and of course ending up in danger when the killer comes after them as he wants his stuff back. But rather than keeping things simple the writers also give the killer a quirk of robbing and murdering brides to be meaning his storage locker has a fair few bridal dresses on mannequins.Casper Van Dien in Killer Collector (2016) (aka: Storage Locker 181)Now for the most “Killer Collector”/”Storage Locker 181” is comparable to many a modern made for TV movie which tells a story, doesn’t quite to get to grips with creating tension and features a good looking cast. And being comparable to many a modern TV movie there is some dodgy moments of dialogue and dodgy acting to go with it. But in truth this is the sort of movie you expect to have certain flaws and in truth as only his third time behind the camera as director Casper Van Dien acquits himself nicely by keeping things simple, keeping them ticking over and keeping it clean with no experimental camera

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Release: 25 April 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.2/10
Director: Casper Van Dien
writers: : Chris Lancey
Stars : Alex Ashbaugh, Robyn Cohen, Samantha Cope