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Subject 0: Shattered MemoriesSubject 0: Shattered Memories   :– Watch Subject 0: Shattered Memories    full movie on GoMoviesTube,Robert Williams is called by the police during a business meeting. His wife Lauren is in shock, after finding a dead man in her home. More dead bodies are found in the city the day after. The modus operandi looks the same but there’s something not quite right. Is it the same killer or a copycat? Police start investigating the mysterious murders, but it looks like someone has unleashed the perfect prototype. The question is… will they be able to keep everything under control?Lauren (Matic) wakes up next to her illicit lover who has been murdered while they slept. The crime unveils her affair to husband, Robert (White), although it seems Robert knows more than he let on. The killer who is evading the police is a sleeper created by Robert. He is Joshua (Cella), a man looking for answers for the crimes he has committed. Will Joshua discover the project that has turned him into a killer and set things right.Subject 0: Shattered Memories is the first feature film by Italian director, Tiziano Cella, progressing from a number of short films. Cella has set out to create an ambitious film in Subject 0. It is a slow-burning thriller from numerous perspectives. The film has a reasonable large cast, most of which have plenty of dialogue. It gives the film an inter-connected feel like that of Pulp Fiction, in the sense that it feels like the audience is witnessing many stories rather than one big story as each character gets time to grown in front of the camera. It’s not until later in the film that Joshua becomes the main focus of the film.subz2While it is ambitious to have all of these characters sharing the screen time, not all of them work. They require the context of Joshua being the killer to make them interesting but because that is not evident for a while, I found myself scratching my head at certain characters wondering what their purpose was. Two characters particularly were Joshua’s neighbour who complains constantly about the noise of his stereo, and a pizza guy who gets an awful lot of screen time for little pay off. Both characters, I assume, are comic relief characters and maybe the humour got a little bit lost in translation.Speaking of translation, the film is primarily in English however it is clear that some of the actors who struggle with the language have been dubbed and I found the dubbing quite distracting. It might just be personal preference but I would have enjoyed this film more if it was done in Italian with English subtitles if it meant all the actors could act comfortably without struggling with a second language or having to be replaced by dubbing.Subject 0: Shattered Memories does manage to build up some suspense and some scenes get quite bloody but it loses it’s tension when it jumps away to another character. If I knew I was supposed to be on Joshua’s side the whole time (I was supposed to be rooting for him, right?) I could have become much more invested in the character. It’s not entirely clear who the protagonist of Subject 0 is, which I would say is it’s biggest flaw.

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Release: 8 October 2015 (Italy)
IMDB Rating : 7.3/10
Director: Tiziano Cella
Writers: Tiziano Cella, David White
Stars : : Cristina Lizzul, Jonathan Silvestri, David White