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The Son of Raw's the RomanThe Son of Raw’s the Roman :– Watch The Son of Raw’s the Roman full movie on GoMoviesTube,One lonely Roman general is wounded in battle. He heads toward the woods to die like a wounded animal. Once entering the woods he is granted another day by the gods. He meets an Egyptian slave who has left his camp and both men meet in a death ridden forest and are tested. They travel through the northern lands not knowing what awaits them. The roman gripped by death and the slave wary of his every movehe year is 400AD in what is known now as western Europe. After an unprovoked battle with Germainian barbarians, a roman general is left wounded alone on the battlefield seeking refuge in a vast forest to regain his strength, he questions morality and tries to come to terms with rapidly progressive time and in isolation, he tends to his mortal wounds. It is in this forest of refuge where he is granted another day to live by the gods, and will cross paths with another traveler equally lost. The two men will be challenged and tested by nature, each other and the inner most conflicting primordial affiliations with mans body and mind. With death close to the roman, hovering over him like his shadow what will this journey hold for both men? discover everything your heart and mind desires in this openly suggestive feature about the human connection.
-his visually striking motion picture was filmed in Yorkshires (UK) breathtaking countryside. Written and Directed by new comer Simon Rawson, this openly suggestive feature digs deep into the human connection allowing the viewer to sit center stage and connect with their inner thoughts. Shot on the Sony PMW-EX3 using the letus 35 ultimate with Nikon prime lenses, the Son of raw’s THE ROMAN tackles the low budget independent market with skill and passion. Fully funded by Simon Rawson and produced by a small cast and crew this motion picture promises to set a new standard for indie film makers world wide.
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Adventure | Fantasy | History
Release: 19 June 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 3.5/10
Director: Simon Rawson
writers: : Simon Rawson
Stars : Lee Starkey, Lamin Tamba, Roxanne Gregory