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The Violators The Violators :– Watch The Violators full movie on GoMoviesTube,An ironic pink heart dots the “I” in the troubled-teen tale “The Violators” — perhaps the sole playful touch in this stern, striking debut from British novelist-turned-helmer Helen Walsh. Treading ground initially derivative of works by Andrea Arnold and Pawel Pawlikowski before going on its own genre-tinged tangent, this study of adolescent desire and alienation across class lines takes its time nurturing a tensely ambiguous relationship between its two young female leads — alertly played by newcomers Lauren McQueen and Brogan Ellis — only to squander a measure of that intrigue on a blunt third-act twist. Early berths in Edinburgh and Karlovy Vary portend a healthy festival run for this auspicious arrival, though distributors may hold back.The picturesque English county of Cheshire is not typically associated with hard urban realism, so it’s fitting that Walsh has chosen it as the locale for a story in which the working classes seem pointedly disregarded even by their nearest neighbors. Set largely on a council housing estate in Birkenhead’s left-to-crumble Ship Canal region, the pic swiftly sketches the bones of a community marked by absent parents and scant opportunities: When 16-year-old dropout Shelly (McQueen) is introduced tracking her brothers — adult deadbeat Andy (Derek Barr) and bright preteen Jerome (Callum King Chadwick) — to a boozy weeknight party, she seems less a sister to them than the woman of the house.As it turns out, she more or less is, with the siblings’ mother not in evidence; their father, with whom they evidently have a traumatic history, is in prison. Shelly does a commendable job of holding the household together, though she’s sourly susceptible to conditional offers of support — including the expensive gifts she warily accepts from middle-aged pawn shop worker and would-be sugar daddy Mikey (Stephen Lord). He’s not the only one taking a questionable interest in her well-being, however, as posh, stylish teen Rachel (Ellis) begins semi-stalking Shelly, offering her clothes and unsolicited relationship warnings.

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Release: 17 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.0/10
Director: Helen Walsh
Writers: Helen Walsh
Stars : : Lauren McQueen, Brogan Ellis, Stephen Lord