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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 : Heads Up” is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead. It aired on November 22, 2015, on AMC, and was written by Channing Powell and directed by David Boyd. The episode reveals the unresolved fate of Glenn Rhee after the episode “Thank You” and builds tension for the mid-season finale “Start to Finish.” It adapts the rope-climbing scene from issue #81 of the comic.Following the events of “Thank You”, the walkers tear into Nicholas’ corpse, which is on top of Glenn. Glenn crawls underneath a dumpster and stays there until next day as the walkers disperse. Enid throws Glenn a water bottle; he follows her into a thrift shop and she tells him she fled when the Wolves attacked Alexandria, and runs off. Despite his concerns for Maggie’s safety, when Glenn kills a zombified David and reads his note for Betsy, Glenn realizes he has to go after Enid.In Alexandria, Rick inspects the walls then with Carl gives Ron handgun lessons. Ron is eager to shoot, but Rick won’t let him touch live ammunition. Later, Ron sneaks into the armory and steals cartridges for his pistol.Carol informs on Morgan who admits to Rick and Michonne that he let the Wolves escape who subsequently attacked Rick in the RV. Morgan points out how Rick once spared him, and he saved Daryl and Aaron from a Wolves’ trap, which helped lead the Wolves to attack Alexandria. Morgan confesses that he doesn’t know what’s right anymore and wanted to kill the Wolves for what they’d done but also knows people can change, and wants to uphold his belief that all life is precious.Glenn tracks Enid to a family restaurant and refuses to let her go, even when she brandishes a handgun, Enid grudgingly giving in to his determination. On their way back to Alexandria, Enid finds green balloons and decides to use them to distract the walkers. The two arrive at Alexandria, but find it surrounded by walkers.Having earlier noticed the bullet hole in the wall with blood spilling out of it, Rick busies himself reinforcing that part of the wall. Tobin joins him and explains that Rick’s group brought a lot of changes with them but the Alexandrians are adapting and he shouldn’t give up on them. While Rick loudly hammers on the wall, many walkers can be heard gathering on the other side.

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Horror | Drama | Sci-Fi
Release: 23 November 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.3/10
Director: David Boyd
Writers: Frank Darabont
Stars : Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun