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Southern FuryArsenal :- Watch Arsenal full movie on GoMoviesTube,A Southern mobster attempts to rescue his kidnapped brother.When he’s on point, Nicolas Cage brings to mind Klaus Kinski, the brooding, dangerous performer whose collaborations with filmmaker Werner Herzog are typified by naked aggression, violent mood swings, and roiling machismo. But when Cage works with a less decisive director—or just one that’s content to let Cage do whatever he wants—he seems to forget what acting is and desperately bellows for attention, like a neophyte actor whose intensity is his fallback pose.You can see Cage, wearing a ridiculous Tony Clifton bowl-cut wig, dark sunglasses, and wide-lapel lounge singer-style jacket, skulking in the corner of “Arsenal.” But it’s hard to say what kind of performance Cage is trying to deliver since director Steven C. Miller (“Silent Night,” “Marauders,” “Submerged”) frequently cuts Cage off before he can get going. Cage, like Kinski, is a scene-stealer even when he’s over-acting, like a car wreck that keeps finding ways to explode. Cage is undoubtedly the most inspired performer in “Arsenal,” a sleepy crime drama about a straight arrow entrepreneur’s attempt at rescuing his deadbeat brother from … some kind of crime boss (Cage, naturally). But because he’s never allowed to cut loose, “Arsenal” never comes to life.
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Release: 24 Feb 2017 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 4.1/10
Director: : Steven C. Miller
writers: Jason Mosberg
Stars : Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Adrian Grenier