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We Are the FleshWe Are the Flesh :- Watch We Are the Flesh full movie on Project Free TvAfter wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world.When I saw the poster at a local theater I was thinking this was going to be a Si-Fi horror film. Even the synopsis gave me this ideal, and it was horrifying but more in a human way rather than super natural.So two kids end up in a place were they meet a man whose out of his mind and the three have bizarre sexual encounters with one another.I did like the crazy dude in the film, he was disturbing in that horrific sort of way.Plus, I can’t give a movie to low of a score considering it had so much awesome nudity and strong sexual content in it (Just being honesty).But what I was expecting from the small paragraph that help me get interested in seeing the movie was not what I ended up seeing. I felt the ad campaign was met to be a metaphor of something. We Are the Flesh is very similar to M. Night Shyamalan’s the Village in that all it’s not what it seems, but with far less story (Or no story at all cause I really have no idea what this movie is about or trying to say).
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Drama | Fantasy | Horror
Release: 18 Nov 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 4.7/10
Director: :Emiliano Rocha Minter
writers: : Emiliano Rocha Minter
Stars : Noé Hernández, María Evoli, Diego Gamaliel