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Good TidingsGood Tidings :- Watch Good Tidings full movie on Project Free TvIt was pretty standard horror fare. A group gets locked in a court house during the Christmas season and gets tormented by three killer men in Santa suits. A couple of pretty effective grizzly moments aren’t enough to balance out the over-long, boring sequences of the Santas staring and cackling as their hostages say things like ‘please don’t do this’ etc.

You could cut out half an hour easily and although that wouldn’t leave you with much of a film, that is kind of the problem. There is simply not enough plot and not enough imagination to justify this being feature length. In a year which has seen so many brilliant (admittedly higher budget) single-location horrors come out, (Green Room, Don’t Breath, The Invitation) Good Tidings simply can’t complete.

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Horror | Thriller
Release: 06 Dec 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.0/10
Director: : Stuart W. Bedford
writers: : Stuart W. Bedford
Stars : Colin Murtagh, Stu Jopia, Claire Crossland