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A Heavenly ChristmasA Heavenly Christmas :- Watch A Heavenly Christmas full movie on GoMoviesTube,Eve (Kristin Davis) is a workaholic investment counselor. Very successful, she has sacrificed nearly everything to be a partner at a young age. Once close to her brother and his family, she sends her PA out to buy them gifts and squeezes in a few minutes with them here and there. Even after sharing a cab ride with an amazingly handsome man, Max (Eric McCormack), she isn’t fazed, even though he seems to have eyes for her. Beyond that, her pushy schedule makes him lose a musical audition, as he arrives too late. Ah, but Eve is about to get a reckoning. One day near Christmas, she slips and falls on the ice. When she awakes, she finds she is in Heaven and being lectured by a talkative angel, Pearl (Shirley MacClaine). It seems that, yes, Eve has landed beyond the pearly gates but, her time on earth is not finished. Pearl instructs her that THEY are going back to bring happiness to a sad gentleman and his young niece. Wouldn’t you know the man who lost his sister and singing partner happens to be Max? Can Eve truly change and focus on human relationships instead of work? What if she falls for Max and then has to go back to her Heavenly mansion? Wait, this is Hallmark, so there must be some secrets! What a lovely Xmas romance, another in the long, long line of beautiful, funny, touching Hallmark films. McCormack is one of those handsome, talented guys who is tailor made to play the romantic lead while Davis, very lovely, has a sweetness that belies her pushy role. MacClaine, too, is a treasure at all times while the young lady playing Max’s niece does a fine job, too. Naturally, the film has been carefully made with great costumes, sets, a clever script and a touching direction. Maybe you missed this one during the rush up to Christmas? Look for it in the coming year as it is welcome any day, any hour, any month..
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Release: 26 Nov 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Director: : Paul Shapiro
writers: : Gregg McBride
Stars : Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack, Shirley MacLaine