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MadMad :– Watch Mad full movie on GoMoviesTube,A matriarch past the point of a nervous breakdown, her two daughters that don’t give a damn, and the heat-seeking missiles of resentment they toss at each other.This movie provides powerful insight into family dynamics, mental illness, tolerance, and hope. “Creepy” guys are revealed as vulnerable people with real needs. “Crazy moms” offer comfort to kids who have it “all together,” and people who are open-minded and accepting are revealed as intolerant and shallow.At one point in the movie, one character asks another if they know each other. The question I was left with was, “Do I know these people,” and the answer was a resounding “YES.” I know them by looking all around, and I know them by looking in the mirror.Watch this movie if you want to know and understand the people in your life who struggle.
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Drama | Comedy
Release: 06 Sep 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.0/10
Director: : Robert G. Putka
writers: : Robert G. Putka
Stars : Jennifer Lafleur, Maryann Plunkett, Eilis Cahill