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Mr. PigMr. Pig :- Watch Mr. Pig full movie on GoMoviesTube,Danny Glover turns in a heartfelt performance in Mr Pig. I enjoyed the film a great deal. Maya Rudolph is also very good as his somewhat estranged and worried daughter, although we don’t see her until the film is about 2/3’s over. Prior to that the audience only hears muffled snatches of their phone conversations. I think the director should have cut to her at least once earlier in the film.Some things don’t make sense (i.e. – How does one get across the American/Mexican border without anyone inquiring as the gigantic hog in the back of the station wagon?) The father and daughter have numerous issues to resolve and none of these come easy as Ambrose (Mr Glover) very much marches to his own drummer. The Mexican scenery is lovely and the supporting characters all fit in perfectly.

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Release: 22 July 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.6/10
Director: : Diego Luna
writers: Diego Luna, Augusto Mendoza
Stars : Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, José María Yazpik