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ScathingScathing :- Watch Scathing full movie on GoMoviesTube,I finally get to do a scathing review. This horror has a young girl sneaking out of the house to go with her boyfriend to a remote area for some loving. They fall asleep and wake up to a car that won’t start. A couple of their friends come to help, only to be killed by a six foot cannibal psycho wearing a welder’s helmet. The couple get trapped in their car with no way of getting help.This is another awful attempt at creating a horror film. First, I didn’t know how buddy was able to see out of a darkening lens used for welding but the helmet looks intimidating so why not use it. He does seem like the a cross between the killer from Bikini Girls On Ice and Hazard Jack. Second, he never uses the weapon he gets ready. He always uses foreplay and sharpens a weapon on his grinding stone. Then when he goes to use it, a complete different weapon is utilized.The gore consists of a bunch of fresh meat from the butchers in various stages and a dead baby prop that gets baked in the stove. The picture quality is awesome. I think it was shot in 4K. The sound was good as well.It felt like Cujo for the first hour and then any bad teen slasher for the rest of the film. This is one of those films where the protagonist does everything wrong. She won’t get out of the car for the first hour even though the killer is nowhere around. Then when she does get out, she runs to the house on the same property for help. Later you see her stopping the first car as well which was right on the property and guess where that car lives? Avoid this one. If you hear amazing reviews check their links to the production team.
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Horror | Thriller
Release: 15 Nov 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.9/10
Director: : Joseph Mazzaferro
writers: Joseph Mazzaferro
Stars :John Kyle, Allie Sparks, Michael Frascino