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Sick of it AllSick of it All :- Watch Sick of it All full movie on GoMoviesTube,Did you miss the world premier of Sick of it All at Raindance Film Festival? I know some of you did but don’t worry there will be plenty of time in January to watch it. Why? In some areas it is cold and miserable. No, that’s not the reason. The reason is Sick of it All already has a distributor and will be difficult not to put it your que to watch.The story is kinda based off of an old relationship I was in. We broke up cause she got into some weird spiritual shit and that killed our relationship and broke up. Then I started day dreaming about the idea, the idea of what if I wanted to not break up and save the relationship. What would I have had to do?I believe the only way I could have saved it was to join her (which I was clearly never going to do).No I don’t collect toys but the idea of a grown man collecting toys says something. At least it says something about our hero Anton… It says there is still youthful dreams left in him but is it enough?
2. How did you cast the actors? Actors you are already associated with or did you have a casting call?
I have worked with all these actors before and I wrote each part for each actor. Half of them are my family members. The lead Logan Sparks has produced almost every film I have made and he appears in almost all of them too. I think he is a scene stealer. However, it was time for Logan to play the lead in one of my films. He just met Amy Claire who plays Rose. I don’t think I had met here in person yet. I just called Logan and asked “can
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Comedy | Drama | Mystery
Release: 03 Jan 2017 (usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.6/10
Director: : Brian McGuire
writers: Brian McGuire
Stars : Amy Claire, Chris Doubek, Emmet McGuire