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The SnareThe Snare :- Watch The Snare full movie on GoMoviesTube,Three friends decide to get away for a break, staying at an empty apartment block owned by the parents of one of them. However, due to various circumstances, the trio find themselves trapped on one of the upper floors, unable to call for help and quickly running out of supplies. With their sanity rapidly beginning to fracture, the trio begins to question whether some malicious force is at work, or whether it’s all in their heads.I’m going to give you two versions of my review of the horror effort The Snare, a short version and a long version; because I think I’m best saving your time on this on dear readers.Here’s the short version, The Snare is a terrible horror film that you shouldn’t waste your time on.But because my flickering overlords would likely cast me into the fires of Mordor for such a short review, allow me to elaborate on my feelings via the long version, also because I really want to get across how much this film pissed me off.This film has a small cast, largely comprised of the principal trio of Eoina Forward, Rachel Warren and Dan Paton, as friends Alice, Lizzy and Carl respectively. The two female leads are in fairness not too bad in their roles, if nothing particularly special, but this is probably just down do the lacklustre material, spending much of the film looking increasingly tired and unkempt as the character’s situation worsens.

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Horror | Thriller
Release: 06 Jan 2017 (usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.8/10
Director: : C.A. Cooper
writers: C.A. Cooper
Stars : Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, Rachel Warren