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The Spiritualist The Spiritualist :– Watch The Spiritualist full movie on Project Free TvThe spiritualist begins powerfully with some prowling shots of a very striking Gothic location and kicks off a plot about a strange but real illness. Top notch acting from Ian Reddington and Jasmyn Banks and a whiff of “The innocents” as they discuss her mother’s condition as a figure stands on the balcony behind them. As the daughter reacts to events in the house and other cast members gather, you aren’t quite sure where things are going, but a truly creepy seance scene gets the chills going again. There are some really nice back story touches here that raise some real and intelligent scares. The last third of the film is then hell for leather to a twist ending I hadn’t seen coming. It’s rare to find a horror film these days that makes you think and it’s nice to see a terror film that isn’t about teens being waylaid by inbred hillbillies on a country road . Julie T Wallace is good too and makes her presence felt throughout.The Bad – Quite simply, the acting is awful. Sometimes great actors make up for a lack of budget, but here the cast utterly destroys what could have been a decent film. Julie Wallace (The Mother) does fairly well despite being hamstrung by her binary, hokey dialogue. The rest of the cast is instantly forgettable. Drama school performances from an immature and over-matched group of young actors. I couldn’t wait for them to be gruesomely murdered just so they’d go away. The exception is Caroline Burns Cooke (the titular Spiritualist) who delivers a performance so laughably poor that you hope it was some kind of bet. She flip-flops from mystic aloofness to annoying chattiness at random. In the big crucial ‘scary’ seance scene, she clearly fluffs her timing but rather than go again and waste a four minute shot, the Director must have said “screw it, that’ll do, it’s the best she’s done all day”. She either didn’t understand the character she was playing, or she just didn’t have the ability. The role of the wily old spiritualist / psychic / exorcist sets the tone for the scariest parts of films like this and it must be delivered well or the film falls flat.
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Release: 27 Sep 2017 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.7/10
Director: : Carl Medland
writers: Carl Medland
Stars : Jane Merrow, Julie T. Wallace, Ian Reddington