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Vampire ResurrectionVampire Resurrection :– Watch Vampire Resurrection full movie on GoMoviesTube,Ten year old Anne adopted by a Vampire Slayer (Wraith) kills a ruthless Vampire. 25 years later and now married with two teenage kids. The Vampire comes back to exact vengeance on the family by picking them off one at a time.has all the workings to be a great vampire horror but falling into many cliché traps, it unfortunately fails to deliver on several crucial elements. Having said that, there are some fantastic and beautiful moments of true horror here. Several scenes pay homage to the greats of the horror genre. The bathroom scene, for example, where Nathan (Alan Harding) is just discovering his transformation into vampire, has a real classic horror feel to it, with the music and camera work no doubt giving a little bow to Hitchcock in style. The eerie panning out of the camera combined with music that gradually becomes uncomfortably high pitched, followed by abrupt silence and a cut to the next scene is really powerful in design. It’s moments like this that it’s clear director, Mark Morris, has given a lot of time to the layout of this indie film. It would have been great to have seen more of this. The moments where we have deep and dark horror are truly gripping and would have been terrifying had this theme and feeling been kept up throughout the duration.What we have here is a film that doesn’t seem to know what it is. There are elements of comedy throughout, but they come at times that are unexpected and feel alien to the plot. The special effects are perhaps a little ambitious for budget and weren’t particularly n
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Family | Fantasy | Horror
Release: 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: :Mark Morris
writers: Mark Morris
Stars : Mark Morris, Amanda Lara Kay, Alan Harding