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Wait Till Helen ComesWait Till Helen Comes :- Watch Wait Till Helen Comes full movie on GoMoviesTube,Wait Till Helen Comes (A.K.A. Little Girl’s Secret) is a film directed by Dominic James and written by Victoria Sanchez Mandryk. It is adapted from the book by Mary Downing Hahn. It stars Maria Bello, Sophie Nélisse and Isabelle Nélisse. The film was released in multiple Canadian cities on 25 November 2016Wait Till Helen Comes is a horror story about a young girl, Molly (Sophie Nélisse), whose mother marries a man, so they move to the country. Her new dad, Dave, came with a new step sister, Heather. While living out in the country Heather explores the graveyard to their church house. In the graveyard she meets a ghost friend named Helen, but Helen is no friend. She is actually just trying to lure Heather to drown, so that Helen can take her soul. Molly is the only one aware of this, and when she tries to tell her mom and brother, they think she’s crazy. Helen and Heather made a deal that if Helen ruined Molly and her little brother’s lives, Heather would go live with her. Molly, trying to create a relationship with Heather, keeps an eye on her to make sure Heather stays safe. After Heather runs away to the abandoned house/ Harper pond, Molly runs after her to make sure nothing happens. But when she gets there Heather is being lured into the pond by Helen, and starts to drown due to the long grass at the bottom of the pond. Molly runs in to save her while the rain pours down on them. Molly finally gets a hold of the unconscious Heather, and brings her back to shore. After Heather wakes up, she tries to run after Helen, back in the pond. Molly drags her into the old house, so they could have shelter from the rain. As their walking through the house, the floor collapses and they become trapped in an unknown lower story. While in there, they talk about dark secrets and create a trust for each other. Finally, their family shows up and saves them both.
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Family | Fantasy | Horror
Release: 07 Sep 2016 (Portugal)
IMDB Rating : 5.3/10
Director: :Dominic James
writers: Mary Downing Hahn
Stars : Maria Bello, Callum Keith Rennie, Sophie Nélisse