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When Black Birds FlyWhen Black Birds Fly :– Watch When Black Birds Fly full movie on GoMoviesTube,here is no art without risk”. I remember a teacher telling me that in college and that sentence pretty much sums up what I feel about the art house film. I love a film to be daring, bold and yet expressive in its own language that the mainstream may dismiss but true fans will embrace. Jimmy ScreamerClauze dances to a song that is so twisted only very few people can relate to the tune. The notion of Heaven not being this impossible utopia that only chosen strive for, but actually a town that looks it could be easily obtained. We meet Caine who some may think of some kind of leader as he seems to oversee his people and provides them with what they need. The people only have one rule, that rule being do not communicate with “ The Evil One”. The Evil One is beyond the walls of Heaven and people are constantly keeping guard to make sure no one goes past the wall. Some may see the wall as being a symbol of the middle of your brain trying to separate (and not be manipulated by) the two sides being the left and right or good and bad. We meet a child named Marius who one day plays near the wall and sees this cat with a broken leg. The young boy wants to save the cat so he crosses into the forbidden side. In his attempt to save this cat he and his classmate Eden soon falls down this hole and starts to see the truth about this world. This film delves into the young ambition all of us have as children and some as adults as to wanting to know what lies on the other side of things. This film also opens the debate about how easily manipulated we are to believe what we are told. As we watch the truth start to emerge about Heaven and Caine, the things that Caine hides.Like Jimmy’s previous work, the thought put into this animated film is very deep. This film deals heavily in many topics one being isolation, and among many others is the perception of Utopia. Sometimes Utopia can be a cleverly hidden Dystopia. Devanney Pinn really shines in the voice over of “ The Evil One”. To watch the bonus features and see her truly get into the character really gives you an appreciation for the effort she gave. While, I really loved Where the Dead Go to Die a little bit more, this film was a good follow up. I found the animation at times to be a little exhausting, and I felt maybe this film could have been trimmed maybe 10 minutes. The positives to this film, I feel the voice over work by all involved showed passion and dedication. I loved the concept of this film, it leads for so many different perspectives. I feel two people can watch this film together and both come up with a different feeling and meaning to what they are watching. The manipulation of the story is really deeply thought out and would pervert the mind. This is clearly a movie to do drugs with. If you have any kind of heavy party favor at the house, either shoot it, snort it or drink it before turning this film on. I can picture the paranoia of doing acid while watching this film and assuming this is the future as told to us by a CNN hijacked PTL radical club. For what this film was, it is watchable and I liked it. Animation and film seem to mesh fairly well,. to add horror elements to it and have a strong R rating, I feel this film took some risks and created something that some audiences may embrace and other more conservative praying after a few minutes that they will not shit blood or die in an inferno for attempting this film. This would be a fun film to watch on a blind date or during a youth group meeting.

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Animation | Horror | Mystery
Release: 15 January 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.6/10
Director: Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Writers: Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Stars : : J.D. Brown, Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn