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White Island Watch White Island full movie on GoMoviesTube,An ostensibly comic thriller, White Island sets its stall out early with a reference to the consequences of surgery to repair a rectal abscess, a surgical lacuna that which masks a deeper void within the film which is that it is soulless and dead. That posterior stitching is intended to make mock of a hardman of the coke-smuggling London variety, a bullet-headed satin-jacketed Owain Arthur, brother to a tattooed Darren Day, uncle to the glamourous Scarlett Archer, unlucky recipient of close attention at London City airport. The bum wound, you see, is a running joke, or perhaps a hobbling tearing amusement, a comic crutch that results in ambulation that would not benefit from it, a piece of jest that has the ring of desperation and is at the centre of the issue with the film.The film is based on a novel by Colin Butts called A Bus Could Run You Over. His earlier work, Is Harry On The Boat?, not only bears some responsibility for Danny Dyer (it became a Sky TV series) but offers a window into discussion of issues of consent with reference to sexual acts within a heteronormative non-penetrative dynamic, in that it’s apparently rhyming slang for ejaculating on another’s face.The film fetishises a very particular view of Ibiza, one that borrows the transgressive glamour of drug smuggling and megayachts (though the one we see doesn’t look anywhere near 100 feet, never mind over), that cribs from the desperate licentiousness of a very particular post-Colonial legacy where the Redcoats that are coming are burnt and blistered rather than blazered and the fruits of their labours are not realised in controversial college statuary and weirdly bi-located place-names but in sexually transmitted infections and bad television about worse tattoos.That’s all stereotype, of course – lazy and broad-brush and probably contemptible. Billies Boyd and Zane have importan

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Release: 23 June 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: : Benjamin Turner
writers: :Colin Butts
Stars : Lyndon Ogbourne, Billy Zane, Billy Boyd