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Worry DollsWorry Dolls   :– Watch Worry Dolls    full movie on GoMoviesTube,I love the idea of worry dolls. The nice normal kind, that is, not the nasty voodoo-type ones from this film, haha. The idea is that you give these little homemade dollies to a child and encourage the child to tell its worries to the doll. The doll takes the worries into itself, thus liberating the rugrat and leaving it worry-free. See? Easy-peasy. What a charming idea!I quite fancy a bit of that myself. Mind you, by the time I’d loaded the dolly up with my moans about my bills, my kids, my aches and pains, my ramshackle house and how hard it is to find a man when you have bills, kids, aches and pains and a ramshackle house, the doll would probably have exploded. Or at the very least grown legs and crawled off in protest. Some worries we’re just not meant to offload onto a piece of cloth and twig with a moptop of wool for hair…!We actually tried the ‘worry doll’ idea in our house once, only we used a little box into which the kids were supposed to put pieces of paper with their worries written on them. We abandoned the whole idea when my son wrote: ‘The lady in the corner of the bathroom gives me the creeps’ on his square of paper. I have enough earthly problems. As Sherlock Holmes once said: ‘No ghosts need apply…!’Anyway, back to the film. I watched Padraig Reynolds’s other film, RITES OF SPRING, and I absolutely loved it. I won’t give away any spoilers here, I’ll just review it another time for you. By the way, with a name like Padraig Reynolds, he’s just got to be Irish.No other country in the world ruins the perfectly good name name of Patrick by turning it into the hideous Padraig. No offence to guys called Padraig. I’ve just always hated that version of Patrick, haha. Like our girls’ names Siobhan, Saoirse, Ailbhe and Roisin, no-one outside of Ireland can either spell or pronounce it correctly…!I loved WORRY DOLLS. Methinks someone has a fetish for tying up scantily-clad females, gagging ’em and suspending ’em from hooks, heh-heh-heh. At least on camera, anyway. The first few minutes of the film are pure horror, as a blood-stained, terrified woman attempts to escape a drill-wielding serial killer. A great start for any horror film, as I think you’ll agree.The chase takes them down the corridors of an old abandoned hospital and, even when a cop fortuitously comes to the aid of the woman, the horror doesn’t stop there. It simply accelerates. These really are some excellent scenes and I enjoyed them immensely. Kudos to you, Padraig…!

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Release: 27 June 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 4.4/10
Director: Padraig Reynolds
Writers: Danny Kolker, Christopher Wiehl
Stars : : Christopher Wiehl, Kym Jackson, Tina Lifford