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ZoomZoom :– Watch Zoom full movie on GoMoviesTube,Zoom is a 2015 Canadian and Brazilian live-action/animated comedy-drama film directed by Pedro Morelli, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Alison Pill and Mariana Ximenes. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.A multi-dimensional interface between a comic book artist Emma Boyle (Alison Pill), a novelist Michelle (Mariana Ximenes), and a film director Edward Deacon (Gael Garcia Bernal). Each lives in a separate reality but authors a story about one of the others“Who’s zoomin’ who?” asked Aretha Franklin in her 1985 hit of the same name — and while the song doesn’t feature amid the film’s cooler musical selections, it summarizes the key dramatic question of “Zoom.” A spirited if spotty solo debut for Brazilian helmer Pedro Morelli, this breathless trifle triangulates the personal and creative crises of an insecure comic-book artist, a cocksure filmmaker and an aspiring novelist — with the considerable high-concept twist that each of the three is living a narrative created by one of the others. Morelli and tyro scribe Matt Hansen unpack this Charlie Kaufman-lite premise with more cleverness than wit, struggling particularly to find the right racy tone for various erotic interludes — but the part-toon pic’s neatly collapsing structure and pop-art flourishes ensure it’s never dull. The (literally) animated presence of Gael Garcia Bernal adds a sales hook, but “Zoom” will do its zippiest biz in VOD.
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Drama | Animation | Comedy
Release: 31March 2016 (Brazil)
IMDB Rating : 6.4/10
Director: Pedro Morelli
writers: : Matt Hansen
Stars : Gael García Bernal, Alison Pill, Mariana Ximenes