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ZootopiaZootopia :– Watch Zootopia full movie on GoMoviesTube,Zootopia (released as Zootropolis in some European countries) is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated buddy cop comedy mystery adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 55th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The film is directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, co-directed by Jared Bush (in his directorial debut), and stars the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, Nate Torrence, Tommy Chong, J. K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer, Alan Tudyk and Shakira. The film details the unlikely partnership between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist as they uncover a conspiracy that involves the disappearance of predator civilians within a mammalian metropolis.Zootopia premiered at the El Capitan Theatre on February 17, 2016, and began a general theatrical release in conventional 2D, Disney Digital 3D, RealD 3D and IMAX 3D formats on March 4, 2016. The film received critical acclaim, with praise directed towards the animation, voice acting and screenplay; critics highlighted the film’s topical themes of prejudice and stereotypes as timely. The film opened to record-breaking box office success in several countries and has earned a worldwide gross of over $1 billion, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2016 and the twenty-fifth highest-grossing film of all time.In a world populated by anthropomorphic mammals, a rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow named Judy Hopps fulfills her childhood dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer in Zootopia, an urban utopia.Despite being the police academy valedictorian, Judy is relegated to parking duty by Chief Bogo, who doubts her potential. On her first day, she is hustled by Nick Wilde and Finnick, a con artist duo. The next day, Judy abandons parking duty and arrests Duke Weaselton, a thief who stole plant bulbs. Bogo reprimands her, but a female otter then enters, pleading for someone to find her missing husband, Emmitt Otterton, part of a string of disappearances of predator individuals. Judy volunteers, causing Bogo to fire her, but he instead reluctantly gives her two days to find Otterton after Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a sheep, praises the assignment, under the condition that Judy resign if she fails.

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Animation | Action | Adventure
Release: 25 March 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 8.2/10
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Writers: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Stars : Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba