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Capsule Capsule :- Watch Capsule full movie on GoMoviesTube,It’s 1959 — smack-dab in the middle of the Cold War — and the world’s great nations are in a race to be the first super-power to conquer space and space travel. The first manned British capsule (hence the name) has on board former fighter pilot and Commander in the Royal Air Force; Guy Taylor (Edmund Kingsley). There are some technical problems, and Taylor runs the gamut of emotions – in and out of consciousness, losing contact with his ground crew and eventually making contact – somehow on the same frequency as his co-horts in Britian – with Russian and American agencies. There is suspicion and Guy must not only assuage the fears of both countries that he is a dangerous spy, but also convince them to assist his tricky and time-sensitive re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere – before Guy’s precious air and fuel run out.Capsule was up for several awards at this year’s Filmquest; including a secret nomination for Best Picture which was announced the evening of the awards ceremony, Best Foreign Film (a complete surprise category announced the same evening), Best Feature Screenplay, Best Actor in a Feature for Edmund Kingsley (he won), and Best Supporting Actress in a Feature for Lisa Greenwood.Frankly, I believe there should have also been a nomination for Best Score, as the work by Hugo De Chaire is astonishingly rich and emotionally resonant.As mentioned above, the character of Taylor has to navigate plenty of emotions – and actor Kingsley (I gave him a favorable review in this year’s The Carrier) carries the film with ease. At once collected (tha

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Drama | History | Sci-Fi
Release: 08 june 2016 (Australia)
IMDB Rating : 3.4/10
Director: : Andrew Martin
writers: : Felix Forrest
Stars : Edmund Kingsley, Lisa Greenwood, David Wayman