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Tank 432Tank 432      :- Watch  Tank 432  full movie on GoMoviesTube,fter watching Tank 432 aka Belly of the Bulldog, you quickly realise why Ben Wheatley’s in vogue name as executive producer is plastered all over the promotion, as Nick Gillespie’s film very much hints at a level of quality matching that director, only to swiftly burst that bubble within the first ten minutes. Gillespie is a frequent collaborator of Wheatley’s as a camera operator, most recently on the director’s magnificent High-Rise, but on the evidence of this he doesn’t have Wheatley’s eye for the bourgeoise absurd punctuated by visceral violence.Tank 432 has been described variously as ‘Dog Soldiers meets Jacob’s Ladder‘ and that’s giving it way more praise than it deserves, frankly; while it’s not bad in an objectionable sense, and it does aspire to a certain layer of enigma wrapped inside the ostensibly basic storytelling – rather than being curious, atmospheric and haunting, it’s loud, leaden and baffling in quite what the point of the whole endeavour is.The premise is simple: a group of mercenaries, tooled up like British soldiers when we meet them–so you’ll be forgiven for thinking them army–are transporting two captives aka ‘cargo’ for unknown buyers through the forest countryside, when they are ambushed by unnerving ‘enemy’ forces (aka for possible budget reasons, one bloke) who stands in the distance wearing a creepy gas mask. For no apparent reason whatsoever, the group stumble upon the eponymous tank in the middle of a field, climb in, become trapped, and a psychological deterioration inside the close, smelly, seemingly non-functioning mechanical beast ensues. That probably sounds a lot more interesting than Gillespie’s film ends up being; despite the involvement of some decent and recognisable character actors, such as Gordon Kennedy (who plays the gruff, shouty unit commander) and the always excellent Michael Smiley (who, inevitably, goes a bit nuts), it goes nowhere fast and lacks any kind of vein in characterisation.

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Action | Horror | Thriller
Release: 24 Oct 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 4.1/10
Director: Nick Gillespie
writers: : Nick Gillespie
Stars : Rupert Evans, Steve Garry, Deirdre Mullins