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My Honor Was Loyalty My Honor Was Loyalty :- Watch My Honor Was Loyalty full movie on GoMoviesTube,My Honor Was Loyalty was a promising WWII movie about the life of a Young man who joined the 1st Leibstandarte SS-Panzer Division, the uniforms and weapons used in the movie were OK, the gunshots sounded very bad, the story of the movie was confusing at some scenes, sometimes i didn’t notice in which part they changed of scene.the soundtrack is the best part of the movie because its very beautiful and amazing.My Honor Was Loyalty was a promising movie, Alessandro Pepe did his best work on trying to make a good WWII movie, but, i can understand this was his first movie and because of that reason he could make some mistakes.Untersharf├╝hrer Ludwig Herckel (Leone Frisa), devoted and patriotic soldier of the important 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, after having fought in different fronts, will face the worst battle: against his own thoughts, not for his country, but for his own future

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Release: 2016 (Italy)
IMDB Rating : 5.2/10
Director: : Alessandro Pepe
writers: : Alessandro Pepe
Stars : Leone Frisa, Francesco Migliore, Paolo Vaccarino