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Merry Ex-MasMerry Ex-Mas :– Watch Merry Ex-Mas full movie on GoMoviesTube,A mild mannered, single mother, Katrina Jackson (Angel Conwell), and A.D.D. sufferer, DeMarco Gamble (London Brown) are two loving parents raising their daughter in separate households. When DeMarco falls in love with another woman, Vilisa Whitaker (Faune Watkins), and plans a Christmas Wedding; Katrina sets in motion a diabolical plan to ruin their fairytale wedding. Sean Patrick Thomas (Save the Last Dance), Clifton Powell (Ray) and Jason Weaver (Drumline) round out the castWhilst Katrina (Angel Conwell) and DeMarco (London Brown) could never get it to work as husband and wife with Katrina’s controlling ways and DeMarco’s laid back nature clashing they both absolutely love their daughter Tiffany (Maci Wilson). They also have, for the last few years been ex’s with benefits having hooked up at Christmas but this year is different as Katrina decides to take Tiffany away without telling DeMarco. But things take a turn when DeMarco meets Vilisa (Faune Chambers Watkins) and falls for her in a big way, eventually asking her to marry him. But with them planning a Christmas wedding Katrina plans some Christmas wedding sabotage.
I’ve mentioned this many a time but every Christmas I look forwards to the latest crop of Christmas movies but know full well that the chances are that this seasons crop of Christmas movies are likely to remind me of some from the previous years with similar stories. Well this year’s crop not only remind me of some of last years but they are also reminding me from others from this year with the various TV networks showcasing new movies which are similar. This is the problem for “Merry Ex-Mas” as this story of estranged parents arguing over a child and romance at Christmas has been done at least once by another network this Christmas season.
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Release: 10 Dec 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.3/10
Director: : Kenny Young
writers: : Grits Carter
Stars : London Brown, Angell Conwell, Maci Wilson