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The Other OneThe Other One :- Watch The Other One full movie on GoMoviesTube,THE OTHER ONE is an indie thriller that ultimately fails to thrill or provide any real entertainment value for audiences. Watching it is merely a waste of a couple of hours in which you could be doing something more interesting, like watching paint dry. The protagonist is an unlikeable, over-age hippy character who becomes convinced that he’s being followed by persons unknown. Despite this set-up, the narrative has no sense of paranoia or suspense at all.Instead, as with most independent cinema, it just features a bunch of dull actors trying to bring life to insipid dialogue. People chat in bars, walk around, and eat in their houses. It doesn’t add up to very much at all. The only element of interest is the science fiction twist ending, which is ruined by a completely cheesy CGI effect.
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Release: 02 April 2017 (Usa)
IMDB Rating :5.7/10
Director: : Tom Cadman, Chris Conlee
writers: :Tom Cadman
Stars : Tom Cadman, Tracy Arnold, David Conlee