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The Perfect CatchThe Perfect Catch :- Watch The Perfect Catch full movie on GoMoviesTubeJessica, a single parent, owner of a struggling diner, finds the inspiration she needed when her high school boyfriend, Chase, a professional baseball player returns to town.Two weeks ago I discover that Andrew W. Walker and Nikki Deloach were having another movie together, and after watching “A Dream of Christmas”, who wouldn’t want to see them working together again? Personally, the chemistry between the actors, in any movie, is one of the most important things for me. In the first the chemistry was there, and in here? Oh boy it is there too. I started smiling like a fool ever since their first scene together.Nikki Deloach, aka Jessica, seems to be one of those people whose smile brightens the room when she steps in, and Andrew W. Walker aka Chase (appart from being one of my favorite Hallmark guys) seems like a pretty charming guy. Put them together and you have this movie. Both characters were great, they both have a back story and i’m glad we got to see more of Andrew’s character this time.

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Drama | Family
Release: 22 April 2017 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.6/10
Director: : Steven R. Monroe
writers: : Gregg Rossen
Stars : Nikki Deloach, Andrew W. Walker, Chance Hurstfield