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Singing with AngelsSinging with Angels :- Watch Singing with Angels full movie on GoMoviesTube,Faced with a crossroads in her life, Aubrey reflects on her experiences in joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and how they have strengthened her and her family through their challenges.Joseph smiths review is always one sided. I’ve read his other reviews of the God Makers and the movie Salamander Letters. He’s always bashing good film. I think it’s because he tried to start a movie production himself and it failed and now he’s got a vendetta.Lastly, does anybody else find it ironic that this guys name is Joseph smith and the the prophet that restored the church of Jesus Christ is name Joseph smith as well. Ha ha.Lastly again. I think every theatre worthy viewer should enter to see this film in 1080 DD. Avoid 3D as it makes you dizzy during the shot of the church/temple. (Ugh make the drone stop circling around)

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Release: 11 March 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.1/10
Director: : Brian Brough
writers: : Brittany Wiscombe
Stars : Sarah Kent, Scott Christopher, Anne Sward