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WildflowerThe Wildflower :– Watch The Wildflower on GoMoviesTube,When a college student starts having a reoccurring nightmare, she begins to believe that it’s a suppressed memory. Her search to find the answers forces her to confront her past traumas, while at the same time, helps her unlock a mystery that may bring a killer to justice.Chloe is a hard working student at a competitive art school with a slightly estranged relationship with her mother. After repeated nightmares of the same sinister images and blackouts that find her back at the scene from her hallucinations, she begins to suspect that her visions are not just stress and fatigue-induced, but possibly repressed memories from childhood. She meets Josh, a young man with a troubled past of his own, and together, they begin to piece together the mystery surrounding her visions. They seem to close in around Chloe’s new friend Rebecca, whom they find out is not who Chloe originally thought she was. Through it all, Chloe and Josh find closure, justice, and begin to heal from their pasts.

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Drama | Thriller
Release: 08 April 2016 ( Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.9/10
Director: Nicholas DiBella
Writers: Nicholas DiBella
Stars : Nathalia Ramos, Cody Longo, Alex Steele